Real, high energy, conscious lyrics, Infections beats, raw, undeniable talent, prolific, styles upon styles, the unexpected.

When you cross the roots of an east coast mc, a west coast conscious lyricist, a global water activist, a metaphysical mystic, and a high performance creative coach you get the northern California based man on a mission here to uplift, inspire, and impact millions known as RA-BE 333.

RA-BE (pronounded Robbie) 333 consistently lights up crowds with his definitive combination of thought provoking lyricism, witty humor, heartfelt singing, and razor sharp raps over boom bap, funk, soul, and bass driven beats.

He is a prolific creator and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his output and diversity of styles he seamlessly executes across the entirety of his discography which currently stands at 11 projects deep on top of numerous singles and music videos.

Professionally he is a High Performance Creative Coach and has been serving and guiding others through deeply transformative work for over 14 years. He holds his Masters and Certificate of Science in Theta Healing and taught metaphysical techniques internationally before focusing his practice on serving the heart and role of the individual artist in these modern times.

He is also the founder of the innovative Tap the Flow 24 project which turns creative collaboration into clean water. This project has reached millions of people and works directly with nonprofits bringing clean water to those in need.