high performance 



Your Soul has called you to do something  



I’m here to support you in becoming the person who is capable of executing exactly that.

I’m committed to turning your vision board into a reality. 

Our work is centered around the consistent, inspired whispers that occur in your most quiet and intimate moments. 

Those whispers are the sounds of your Spirit beckoning you to become the version of yourself that you know is possible to become.

I know you know what I’m talking about because it’s the reason you’re here. You’ve seen, touched, and tasted a version of it…but thus far, it has no permanent residency.

The truth of what’s involved with actualizing this potential affects you daily.

Until you are in the empowered momentum of the process, pain, defeat, and overwhelm will be constants in your day to day. 

When you take the leap forward to enter a coaching container with me, you do so because of an innate recognition of an unshakable truth that lies deep within yourself: It’s time to commit to a new path of different actions, receiving skilled guidance, and actually shifting your dreams into goals with timelines.

The qualitative result of being immersed in our work together sets the foundation for your best and most authentic work. 

Living in God Momentum becomes your new personal gold standard of living.

From the outside, it may look like you are focused and producing high-level work. 

This is very true.  

And, on a deeper level, your work is also the most meaningful way in which you are called to contribute to the more beautiful world your heart knows is possible. 

The personal fulfillment available when living in this truth is like no other. The Buddhist tradition calls this, living your dharma.

I see this path as nothing less than a living, breathing ceremonial honoring of your life, all the lives that have brought you here, and all those who will follow yours in the wake of the inspiration you created.

Becoming the person who is capable of executing the works and visions you know are possible is the Holy path we walk together.

I promise to challenge you greatly, with respect and love, to bring forth your unique excellence because I believe with all of my being that it is needed now more than ever.

It is my deepest honor and privilege to serve others on this path.



The focus of our work:

When we align our intentions and establish our work from this place, excellence, healing, and breakthroughs are the norm.

My deep connection and practice of living and coaching from this space of awareness is the secret sauce behind all that I bring.

Together we will get laser sharp clarity on your sacred value systems and the hierarchies contained within them. This adds tremendous strength, purpose, and an aligned fortification to each step you take.

We validate and honor all aspects of your experience exactly as it is in order to serve exactly where you are going. This ongoing process is integral to our work. We bypass nothing. Any and every part of you is welcomed.

We learn from each aspect of your personal truth and alchemize the wisdom of it to serve your greater vision. No exceptions.

We will establish your North Star which is a singular and extremely powerful guiding focal point that directs all of your actions moving forward.

Establishing your North Star changes your entire life and the ways in which you move through it. This is not an exaggeration.

We will address and resolve the pin pointed belief systems that no longer serve you. This is a master skill set that I bring to our work. The transformational power of this work alone changes lives forever.

Together, we will establish and fortify the concrete daily habits and map out the next steps aligned with your North Star.

We'll fiercely track your inner and external world to gain a profound understanding of how your mind works for or against you.

We take massive radical action. We learn through consistent, iterative, and intentional action.

In our work, execution is worship.

The fundamental cornerstones of our work become evident in the person you become and the way in which you show up to your work.

This is deeply personal work that shines a light on exactly who you are and why you are here. The answers become a singularity that displays itself in every facet of your life.

All of our work together takes place in the presence of God (Source Energy) and is rooted in the presence of unlimited potential known as the quantum field.

my background

In 2011, I earned my masters and certificate of science in the metaphysical healing technique Theta Healing. I taught classes throughout the US and internationally and had the immense honor of working with hundreds of people from all walks of life. 

I am trained in shifting limiting core belief systems, blockages, and powerful resistant energy. I am in deep reverence to the power and effectiveness of this work and now use it as a potent tool amidst the many that I bring to my work.

I’ve trained directly under numerous high-performance coaches such as Tony Robbins, Brendan Burchard, Eric Maisel, Shiva Baum, Bronques, and numerous world class healers.

I am an active musician, emcee, performer, and artist walking the walk that I serve others through daily. I am 100% on the playing field and living out my version of executing at my leading edge.

In 2013 I made the choice to truly live the life I knew I was here to live as a musician and guide / coach to others.
In a single moment of clarity, I stopped a 17-year habit of smoking weed and have not looked back since. 

At that time, I had zero recorded songs. 

Thus far, I have released 16 albums totaling about 160 songs. I also have numerous unreleased albums (yes albums, not just songs) and videos that are preparing for my greatest body of work yet. 

In 2016, I founded the Tap the Flow 24 project where I gather artists, musicians, painters, and a videographer and within a single 24-hour period we conceive of, create, and complete an original song, music video, and painting. We then take 100% of the profits and give it to non-profits bringing clean water to those in need. I have done 10 sessions with over 40 artists thus far.

Our last session alone brought 1000 children clean water in Indonesia, and has multiple millions of plays online.

I regularly perform live with various configurations of collaborators. Performing live is one of my greatest forms of joy and expression.

I have the great honor of having many coaches, guides, mentors, healers, mystics, and elders in my life that I learn from. I am and will always be a student first, and a guide second.

I have a profound connection to what it means to be an artist at this most powerful junction of our collective timeline. I see the calling to express our ideas, visions, and truths of our heart as a radical opportunity to create the ripples of change that are most needed in this time. 

I cherish the life I have created for myself and for the opportunity to support others in doing the same. There is no other work in the world I would rather do.

I believe in our collective humanity to make this the greatest chapter ever told on our planet and honor the immense commitment and work it will take to make it so.

In the words of Charles Eisenstein, I believe we are here to create “The Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible.” I show up to this intention through my visions, my prayers, and my actions every single day.